Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't Drink and Drive - But Cycling? Ok, Once You're Off the Saddle


Mimi Omiecinski September 2nd, 2008


Yep, it’s true. A $20 bike tour (less if you Bring Your Own Bike & Helmet) with a free wine tasting. You can’t do much better than that!

Hey Steveie, we may have to buy more bikes to accomodate the demand!

Princeton Bike Tours is partnering with COOLVINES - the the new AMAZING wine shop at the corner of Harrison and Nassau Street ……..if you can’t make the tour at least check out their stuff. (Plus, they are conveniently located next to Whole Earth and Tuscan Hills - Put together your own tasting with advice from Eric Mihan - 609-924-0039. He can help know which cheeses and fruits you need from Whole Earth. Then, the gang at Tuscan Hills can help you set a table to die for!) I had a bunch of Steve’s bosses over and did a wine tasting with Eric and EVERYONE loved it! The best part? It’s wine, cheese and bread so we didn’t have to ask for a raise after the party!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dominico Selections

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Domenico Selections Coming out party
Last night Coolvines of Westfield set up a local tasting and my new company was privileged to present a small portion of our portfolio. I was told the attendance numbered about 60. They must have all hit my table at the same time. I felt like I was back on a trading desk by the amount of information coming and going. The down and dirty is we have selected some great wines!

The lineup:

Terra di Vento Fiano 2007
Angelorosa L'Ambriana Falanghina 2007
Angelorosa Greco Di Tufo 2007
I Stefanini Soave "Monte di Fice" 2006

Terra Di Vento Aglianico "Petrale" 2006
Reale "Cardamone" 2007
Bocella Aglianico "Rasott" 2006
Piandibugnano "L'Erpico" 2005

The wines are all from local varieties and exhibit "correct" characteristics of what they are. Some of the folks were trying to get their arms around what the hell Falanghina can be compared to that they have tried. When you go into Baskin Robbins you ask for a taste of something new. Essentially that's what was going on last night.

Eventually drinking chocolate and vanilla (Cab and Chard?) will get boring so in our wine lives we all look for something different. Unless you're a race horse and eat the same thing every day you'll always look for new flavors. The risk is in the price. What we've tried to offer the market is something excellent and different for a down to earth tab. The wines have soul and the crowd went for it in a big way.

To anyone who attended and reads this, a big THANK YOU for showing up and tasting. For anyone who is curious what you missed, contact Coolvines at 908 232 5050 or I think they are believers as well. A good wine shop can make a huge difference in your experience. Try these guys. You won't regret it.
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