Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - July 30, 2008

Cool Wines Available at CoolVines

Thanks to My Central Jersey for really capturing the spirit of CoolVines. It helps when a journalist is a wine lover. I recommended one of our Aussie Shiraz’s as a good example of a NOT over the top, fruit-bomb...and he loved it!

Most ordinary wine shops group their bottles by country, forcing customers to browse through scores of French, Australian or Italian wines before locating their libation of choice.

Most ordinary wine shops also have the same monotonous titles, rarely changing things up and hardly offering new, different tastes.

That can't be said of CoolVines in Westfield. That's because the small-yet-amply stocked store isn't an ordinary wine shop. It doesn't just cater to the oenophile, or wine enthusiast. CoolVines also is for the "average joe" of the wine world, and that's saying something for a store who shares a street with some pretty upscale neighbors.

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