Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wine Heaven?

"Wine Heaven?" by Faith Bahadurian, Princeton Packet

A recent wine club promotion in a national newspaper (yes, I still read paper!) had me tempted to sign right up, to get a case of "deep, rich reds" at bargain prices. But then I thought of how I already have too many bottles at home, languishing, while I give into my thing for gin and tonics, with the occasional margarita thrown in (not, God help me, in the same evening).

Besides, we have some great wine shops in our area, with two right in downtown Princeton, the Corkscrew and CoolVines. And it is nearly summer, a good time to stock up on rosés, which I've grown to appreciate as more good dry ones come on the market. (And hopefully the power drunk EU won't ruin rosé wine for us! The proposal discussed at the link here was fortunately set aside shortly after the article came out; obviously saner heads prevailed...this time.)

So I paid a quick visit to the CoolVines website, clicked on "rosés," and spied a pretty Cielo Prosecco Rosé, described as "A light, effervescent gem from Northeast Italy." Now that sounded festive, however it was out of stock (I'm waitlisted), But you can click on a little button under that that says "similar wines." That brings up another sparkling rosé, a Spanish Cava from Familia Oliveda (pictured here). I dropped by and picked that up and also came home with a still rosé, the French Touraine Pineau d'Aunis.

This is a GREAT website, by the way. You can click on red, white, or rosé, click on the type of body you want (i.e. light, medium, full, sweet, fortified), and then the style, modern or traditional (you know, the new world-old world thing), and the price range. The system delivers all sorts of intriguing results, and I see more wine consumption in my future...and some local shopping.

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