Friday, August 15, 2008

International Wine Guild - August 2008

Recent Graduates: Mark Censits, New Jersey Wine Store Owner

After more than 20 years of helping to fix other people's businesses, Mark decided it was time to build his own. Wanting to pursue his passion for wine, he surveyed the landscape of wine retailing and identified a niche that he felt was ripe for a new venture. Enthusiasm for wine had grown in the US, yet consumers continued to be frustrated by the complexity of the wine market - so many regions, varieties, producers - wine experts touting this wine or that wine, with no regard variation in individual preferences. How can a wine lover find wines that suit his or her preferences with so many different factors to consider? As parts of his goal to become a "guide" for his customers' forays into the wine world, Mark turned to a few esteemed institutions for his own education. A 3-week course at the University of California in Davis to learn the business of wine and the Certification Seminar at the International Wine Guild formed the foundation of his knowledge...

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