Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Springwise.com - August 2008

Wine Tastings via Twitter

Massachusetts-based retailer of off-price wines is taking technology-enhanced wine tastings a step further with wine tastings by Twitter.

Bin Ends, which was started up earlier this year, is now gearing up for its second Twitter Taste Live, which will be held this Thursday (9/21/2008)—the first one was in July. The project aims to give wine enthusiasts around the globe a chance to join the world's top wine personalities online for tastings via the popular social networking tool Twitter... In the U.S., they can also order the wines being tasted from Bin Ends three weeks prior to the event...Then, equipped with the wines and their Twitter account, users can join the event as it takes place, commenting, asking questions and enjoying back-and-forth interaction with the winemakers in real time...

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I am skeptical of this event. I have a hard time imagining a bunch of people going out and buying these wines and then sitting down to taste them while texting notes and comments through twitter. Sounds very lonely. I think wine drinking is best when social.

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